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Awareness, Power, Purpose: Program Launch!

Awareness, Power, and Purpose is a remote learning program designed to provide you with a jumpstart toward achieving different results in your life. We’ll dive into the following lessons:

  • Perspective
  • Positive Attitude
  • Overcoming the Terror Barrier
  • 10 Steps to Creating a New Belief

This self-paced program includes a mix of Live Teaching calls, Q&A, 1/2 hr One-On-One Empowerment Mentoring Call, as well as recorded lessons to help jump start your journey of growth!

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Unleash Your Growth Potential: Program Launch

This 6 month remote learning program combines the best of John Maxwell’s leadership development training with powerful Empowerment Mentoring lessons to help unleash the personal growth and leadership potential of your team!

One hour teaching calls will be delivered twice per month. Teaching calls will be offered at two different times of day for your employees to choose from. During the call, a teaching will be delivered, and Q&A will be available for participants to ask questions so they can begin applying what they are learning directly to their challenges and their learning objectives. Each lesson will be recorded and available on the online platform for anyone who misses it. All employees will have access to the online platform for recorded calls and additional resources.

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Global Youth Initiative – The Entire Month of April!!

During the month of April, John Maxwell team members from across the country are meeting with Youth on a complimentary basis to empower, equip, and inspire them to:

  • Have a Positive Self Image
  • Respect Themselves and Others
  • Be a Positive Influence
  • Fail Forward Toward Success

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Internships Available!

Attract, Engage, Inspire, LLC has a variety of internships available! Please check out these growth opportunities!!