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Writing for Women Willpower

No matter what age or stage of your career, it’s never too late to make a change. Companies rebrand – why can’t we? We CAN. The Power of Reinvention walks through steps toward your personal rebrand. The Power of Reinvention

Women Willpower is an alliance of women supporting women to build stronger businesses and cultivate the power of collective leadership. Women Willpower serves Women in small business, leaders in the community, entrepreneurs and those who asipre to become more powerful.

Writing for She’s It, LLC:

Move over comfort zone

Change can be hard and scary and uncomfortable – it’s supposed to be.

Until just a few years ago, I was the type of person that thrived on order and routine – a rigid rule follower – an inside the box kind of girl. Then, change came into my life – uninvited change – the kind you don’t see coming. Read More…

She’s It exists for you to Engage, Learn, and be Motivated to be HEATHy, WEALTHy, and to live your life grand.